2018 Dues Financials

03-15-18Starting Cash after elections$189.00$189.00
04-11-18Expenses repaid to Greg Katers for (2) WVB Card Holder$41.03$147.97Link
04-11-18Expenses repaid to Jeanine Sumption for WVB Member Stickers$12.91$135.06Link
05-01-18Expense repaid to Greg Katers for 10 Addtl WVB Card Holders$20.00$115.06Link
08-17-18Expense repaid to Greg Katers for Noodle to Protect the Metal Magnets$6.52$108.54Link
09-12-18Stainless Steel Magnets and Eye Hooks$22.38$86.16Link
09-26-18Expense Paid to Greg Katers for 2 Reusable Rope Clamps$18.08$68.08Link
09-29-18Dues Pd: Paul Ragain, Jeanine Sumption$10.00$78.08
09-29-18Pool Rope Hooks$45.15$32.93Link
10-02-18Expense Paid to Greg Katers for 2 Reusable Rope Clamps$18.08$14.85Link
10-03-18Dues Pd: Glo Mason, Marsha Kaczynski$10.00$24.85
10-04-18Dues Pd: Dan & Elaine Paulson$10.00$34.85
10-09-18Dues Pd: Pat Cahill, Jim Taylor, Betty Wold$15.00$49.85
10-10-18Dues Pd: Erin & Corbin Newman, Scott Murphy$15.00$64.85
10-10-18Expense Repaid to Greg Katers for 1000 Business Cards$24.98$39.87Link
10-11-18Dues Pd: Renee Farrel$5.00$44.87
10-12-18Dues Pd: David & Sherri Jinks$10.00$54.87
10-14-18Dues Pd: Greg/Etta Katers, Dawn Vaughan, Michael Greenwood$20.00$74.87
10-15-18Dues Pd: Pat/Sandy Sullivan$10.00$84.87
10-19-18Dues Pd: Denny Miller$5.00$89.87
10-20-18Dues Pd: Gayle & Dale Schendzielos$10.00$99.87
10-22-18Dues Pd: Sally Morgan$5.00$104.87
10-23-18Dues Pd: Mick Morlan$5.00$109.87
10-25-18Dues Pd: Diane/Jim Reese, Nancy Flader, Linda Steward, Mac/Kathi McCloskey$30.00$139.87
10-26-18Dues Pd: Sandy $5.00$144.87
10-27-18Dues Pd: Julie/Jon Baker, Sandy Morin, Vickie Vaughn$20.00$164.87
10-31-18Dues Pd: Jean Riseland$5.00$169.87
11-09-18Exp to Greg for 3 clipboards to be used for club dues Signup$6.16$163.71Link
11-13-18Dues Pd: Vic Boucier, Woody Grabenbauer, Mic Kiddle, Arnie Kornelsen, Traci Madison, Mick/Patty McClure, Tom Moore, Laura Morlan, Chuck/Kara Shaffer, Dan Spanton, Teresa Turocy, Jenny Whitmire, Larry Wright, Larry Pothoff, Beverly Pratt, Tom/Judy Ruster$95.00$258.71
11-16-18Dues Pd: Donna Stirling, Dean Lanes$10.00$268.71
11-28-18Exp to Greg for Rope, Clamps, Hooks, Ties$76.20$192.51Link
12-03-18Dues Pd: Steve Houston$5.00$197.51
12-08-18Dues Pd: Jim/Janet Hoppe$10.00$207.51
12-13-18Dues Pd: Ann/Rick LeBeau; Char Beamer; Gordy Walters$20.00$227.51
01-07-19Dues Pd: Mike/Joyce Heininger$10.00$237.51
01-25-19Dues Pd: Gary/Suzanne Beauchamp; Bob Wright; Lynn Lozier$20.00$257.51
02-27-19Dues Pd: Al Henderson$5.00$262.51
03-10-19Greg Katers Exp Rubber Coating for Magnets$7.85$254.66Link
03-07-19Greg Katers Exp Ties for Bouys$7.02$247.64Link
03-19-19Dues Pd: Sue/Jerry Brye$10.00$257.64
03-19-19Dues Pd: Orlando/Barbara Cruz$10.00$267.64
03-21-19Dues Pd: Leo Bruseker$5.00$272.64
03-23-19Greg Katers Exp Black Protective Spray for Magnets$8.73$263.91Link
03-25-19Exp: Greg Katers End of Year Party (food for pd members by % attend)$196.12$67.79Link
03-27-19Donations rec'd @ End of Year Party (by %)$188.13$255.92

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