Women Challenge the Men in Afternoon Volleyball

For the last game today the women challenged the men.  The men had 8 players and the women only had 7 and that may have tipped the scales just enough because it was a fight to the finish,  The men escaped with a 15-13 victory in a hard fought game.  Fun or not, it seamed to be a scary game for the men, who trailed until finally taking the lead at 10-9.  I was on the men's team and I was impressed with the women's play.  They simply refused to let the ball hit the water with save after save. Kudos to the ladies.

Thursday Night Game March 22nd 6:30pm Sports Pool

Thursday March 22nd Night Game. Come Join the fun.  It's going to be 94 during the day so it should be a warm night.  BYOB


Does anybody have a friend that may not play volleyball but would like to take some photos from time to time.  If so, we would sure like them to be part of our group.

New Officers:

Thank you everybody for you participation in the election.  We will do our best.

Greg Katers          - President
Linda Steward       - VP
Jeanine Sumption - Sec/Treas